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Tuesdays Together- Client Experience

Last night was the Tuesdays Together meeting in Virginia Beach! I look forward to these business meetings each month. They’re so much fun and I meet so many amazing people. It’s also wonderful catching up with ladies that I’ve  become friends with. The meeting this month was about client experience. We each spoke about how […]

Tools of the Trade

Last night was the Tuesdays Together meeting and it was huge! I look forward to attending this meeting once a month to network with like minded individuals and to get my ideas out there. So many fabulous women came out to the event. The topic of this meeting was tools of the trade. Everyone discussed […]

Facebook Banner and Etsy Banner

Ok I’m over the moon excited! Here’s the final design of my Facebook business banner. It officially matches the one in my shop. A huge smile comes across my face each time I look at it. It makes me feel professional, matches my business colors, and gives off a handmade feel. What are your thoughts? […]

New Etsy Banner

Happy Friday everyone and I hope everyone has an amazing weekend. The main focus for the post today is my new etsy banner. I just realized recently how important it is to have one in your etsy shop and how much more professional it makes your shop look. My main focus recenly was getting a […]

Craft Haul

Are you following my Facebook business page for the most up to date information? If not the link is www.facebook.com/tendercarded. Now lately I haven’t been crafting too much due to family visiting for the holidays and I was recovering from a really bad cold. One evening when I was well enough for it my husband […]

Hello May

I’m loving the consistent warmer weather and I thought it would be nice to include it in my cards. Lately I’ve been behind the scenes creating and working on ideas to improve my business. Tonight I’ve got a meeting with like minded entrepreneurs in a group called The Rising Tide Society. Cute name huh? Anyways […]

Craft Show Part 2

Did you read part one of my craft show experience? If not please do! In this post I’ll be talking about my overall experience and I’ll give you a list on how to prep for your first craft show. My list will be for a indoor craft show and not an outdoor craft show. You […]

First Craft Show Part 1

I attended my first craft show at Dumbarton Elementary School this past weekend and I learned a lot. There are going to be more changes for future craft shows and I definitely want to attend another craft show in the fall. One question I got asked recently was “how did you find this craft show?” […]

This is store is down while we are at s local craft show. Products will be updated after the weekend.